Douglas Pryor
Sculpting, Raising, Chasing, and Repousse



Not many metal artists start their love of sculpture with battle armour, but the number might be larger than you expect. I got my hands into shaping metal at an early age for that very reason, because a 16 year old thinks sword fighting is awesome but is penniless so to sword fight competitively safely it meant I was going to need to make armour…and armour for all my friends. So began a life long journey exploring metal. Long after the testosterone balanced out and I don’t make armour much anymore I’ve still been in love with the shapes and techniques that only sheet metal sculpture can provide. I went to school for welding technology but the more answers modern tools provided the questions work from antiquity asked. I followed one lead to another until I found what I was looking for and I’ve never looked back. The ancient metal working techniques I’m in love with have a deep narrative in human history from every corner of the globe and provides the challenges in the medium that keep me coming back for more. What I do is techniquely very simple, it’s free hand chisel work, damn near stone age technology. But it’s not what you have but how you use it that can change the way you live. Sheet metals natural limitations inspire and drive me to pursue sculpture in ways I wouldn’t have thought could be done. Staying hungry for the challenge and the work improves me I think, I find purpose in the improvement and hope to make a small difference one swing at a time.

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