Douglas Pryor
Sculpting, Raising, Chasing, and Repousse


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Chasing and Repousse at Hessen Iron Works, Tuscon, AZ

Enrollment open!

Email for reservations!

This three day workshop is coming upon us quick so grab your spot while you can!

We'll be working on chasing and repousse and how to apply it to low and high relief works. It is a perfect complementary course if you've taken one of our classes before! But no experience is necessarily required. All of our projects for 2017 are new and challenging!

If you are planning on taking our more advanced courses at Hessen Iron Works then this class is a good idea as it will be complementary to our following advanced courses.

We'll be working with copper and steel, for educational purposes we'll have thicker metals on hand but the projects will be out of 18ga metals which will save us time and force the point of control over power.

Our primary projects will consist of traditional floral scrolling. Many of the patterns are inspired off of various architecture, vessel work, and sculptures from my recent trip through Europe. I'm very excited to share these with you!


All tooling is provided! Our Host forges all the tools himself off of one of my master sets. but he's really out done himself and has created a new line of pitch pots just for us! Tools available for purchase after the course.

Tool sets consist of:

-6inch Hessen pivet pitch pot.

-2 hammer sizes, a 5 ounce chasing hammer and a 12 ounce.

-15 piece chasing chisel set forged of 4140


I've taught at Hessen Iron Works twice now and it's always a blast! The facilities are wonderful and the people are even better!


Email our host Steve to register at:

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