Douglas Pryor
Sculpting, Raising, Chasing, and Repousse


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Chasing and Repousse Portrait Study, Tuscon, AZ

Face Studies and Portraits

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This year I wanted to jump back into one of my favorite sculpture subjects, portraits! So face sculptures are back on the menu this year! I’ll be showing how to plot out faces with raising so the metal doesn’t rip in those difficult deep spots such as the nose and eyes between the nose. We’ll be going through some basic complementary drawing skills to help transfer your design from 2d to 3d. Covering how to layer up tooling marks through chasing over pitch so as to capture and relay the information from skeletal, muscular, soft tissues, and hair.  

This lesson plan unpacks itself with a bottom up approach. We’ll be practicing our faces on paper, with clay, and then on metal (copper or steel). Compartmentalizing the different lessons allows us to go through design and material science as they become important giving us plenty of time to share and think.

I do recommend some time behind the hammer and managing pitch before taking this course, but I will have plenty of intermediate and beginner projects and will encourage everyone to move at their own pace.



All tooling is provided! Our Host forges all the tools himself off of one of my master sets. but he's really out done himself and has created a new line of pitch pots just for us! Tools available for purchase after the course.

Tool sets consist of:

-6inch Hessen pivet pitch pot.

-2 hammer sizes, a 5 ounce chasing hammer and a 12 ounce.

-15 piece chasing chisel set forged of 4140

-Steve's also forged up a selection of shaping stakes


I've taught at Hessen Iron Works twice now and it's always a blast! The facilities are wonderful and the people are even better!


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