Douglas Pryor
Sculpting, Raising, Chasing, and Repousse


Bull Rhyton

Bull Rhyton


Hand raised and chased from a single piece of 18ga copper. This ancient style of rhyton was the most challenging vessel I've made to date. They are not traditionally made from a single piece but that was the challenge I like to give my work. I have a great love of vessel work and will make more of these ceremonial vessels in the future. If you’ve never been antiquated with Rhytons before buckle in and do a little digging for them. They are remarkably embellished and sculpted for ceremonies of great occasion. Some of the best I’ve seen in person are in the Iran Silver section in the MET. Of course there are much more out there that have survived the test of time, especially in their native countries of origain in the middle east and Mediterranean. I would love nothing more than to study these closer and with more attention, but for now I will have to do my best recreating a small part of their essence myself. To see how it was made using traditional techniques:

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