Douglas Pryor
Sculpting, Raising, Chasing, and Repousse


Skeleton Breaste and Backplate

Skeleton Breaste and Backplate


This is sort of a rare opportunity we have, this is an iconic piece I made in 2015. It’s made from 2 single pieces of 14ga steel. I chased almost every inch of this piece which is why I think it’s so gripping. I’m also very happy with how the spine turned out, I have some extended family that are chiropractors so I knew I needed to get it right! hahaha.
What makes this a rare chance is I never really resell work, but the original owner has out grown this piece and is making room for an exciting future so after a long chat we decided it was okay to resell. But as I represent my work very personally I wanted to be the one who put it out there first.

I did film some of the repousse and chasing of this piece, if you get a chance check out the time lapse here:

If you’re interested or have any questions about this piece please email me at

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