Douglas Pryor
Sculpting, Raising, Chasing, and Repousse


The Elephant

The Elephant


This piece is the largest and most challenging thing I have made to date.

It is 150lbs of steel, spanning 5.5ft wide, 6ft tall and over 12inches deep. What makes this notable is that the Elephant was hand hammered out of a single piece of 1/8th inch plate. The 3ft long tusks are leafed with 23k gold.
It’s designed to be mounted to a wall, it’s eyes at your eye level. Which makes it’s glossy black eyes impossible to miss and brings the piece up to an impressive 8ft tall, a genuine show stopper.

It took a solid 10 weeks to raise and chase. I had to have new heavier custom hand tools made to accomplish this.
Additionally this piece was my art residency piece at the Buffalo Creek Art Center just outside of Gardenerville, Nevada.

If you’d like to see some of the work that went into this monolithic piece of free hand chisel work please visit:

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