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Importance of Prep

Made some new tools and applying what I've learned from working in copper. Prepping a piece from the inside (in greater detail) before working on the outside. This method helps reduce the risk of cracks I think, it lets you move a little slower and have a good deal more control over the image your hammering in. If you look at any of my old pieces I've completely neglected this step for the most part. I'd just hammer in enough positive space to provide room for sculpting down. This it can leave your image with cloudy undefined shapes, overall adding to your work load. At least speaking from a person who uses armour as a repousse medium, if you skip this step you're not doing yourself any favors. Things will come out so clean and a lot lower profile. 


There is something pure in just raw sculpture, but if you've yet to experiment with chasing the inside before the outside give it a try. The worst that'll happen is you'll learn something new.


This has only been worked from the inside at this point, I'll post the new chisels I made once I discover they're specific usefulness's. 

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