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Rose Spurs!

Just finished enameling these and they are in the post! This was the 3rd time I've done engraving, and if you want to talk about a learning curve, man this one was tough.

          The first plate I did needed a lot of clean up to hide chisel markings. And after 6 hours for just that one plate I said there had to be a better way. And there was, changed my chisel shapes and watched a ton of youtube video's with some awesome Japanese craftsmen.  Which reaaaaaaaally helped, watching people work always helps me discover new things. Watch all of this guys video's if you need practice engraving like I do, he does great work. Changing my chisel shapes, practicing so my lines where cleaner totally saving me clean up time and having my Brother and his jeweler saw cutting out the shapes saved me a ton of time. 

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