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One of my favorite things to do is watch other artists and craftswomen/men work, doesn't matter what they are working on I can almost always find inspiration from their work. In an effort to add to the valuable resources I find online I've been trying to get more video out there. I think some of you may agree that photo's only have so much information to share, and a well made video can fill in many of the blanks that a photo may leave in it's wake.

I'm a little shy about sharing my work sometimes. I'm even more hesitant sharing all of the recordings of mistakes and trial by error that goes into every single project, but despite my inexperience and nervousness I think it's important to document ones progress no matter the level of skill. Just because you know you need another 40 years of experience behind your discipline before you or I can claim any mastery of anything doesn't devalue your accomplishments so far. And if recording the mistakes along the way exposes, helps, entertains, or inspires anyone it was worth it.

Being a part of the information age is incredibly exciting, you can go online and pretty much educate yourself in almost anything. But knowing isn't doing. You need to get your hands dirty and put the hours into what you want to be good at. No matter what saw on Youtube or how many times you saw it you won't develop the complete skill you need/want to do what you may have been inspired to try from that video you clicked "like" for so many times. That's why I want encourage anyone who asks, support anyone willing to try in at least some small way to hone that skill needed "to do", "to act."  I wholeheartedly believe anyone can do what I do, and further more I can do whatever I commit myself to. As a fellow young person with almost nothing to my name getting this far wasn't easy and I was surrounded by people who would drop anything to help me continue my education. But I also met many who tried as they might to discourage and change how I thought because they knew most artists and people who aspire to be artists do not make much money. And for the most part I'd say there is a time and place for that advice. However "difficult" doesn't mean "impossible" and just being a citizen of a first world nation gives a human so many more opportunities to make dreams and ideals a reality. The hardest part is getting started, and the only obstacle is yourself so get out there and start teaching yourself the skills you need to do what you need to do! What ever it may be!

I'm not very practiced with words so after reading that a thanks is in order... So THANK YOU! Thanks for the patience, thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for the support.

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