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Bear Head Pauldrons

I'm about half way with the first one and am getting pretty excited to see it finished. The bears face is finally coming to life! This set of pauldrons are made from 20ga. 410 stainless steel which at first I was worried about being too light, but after I started sculpting into it all my doubts faded. It's going to be a freak'n tough piece of gear. I haven't cracked it yet so fingers crossed that all goes well! I'll be making the articulation for these badguys soon then it's off to the heat treaters! 

Hope you guys like the progress shots, I forgot to take photo's sooner in the process! So sorry about that! But using raising stakes I did 2 passes through the whole piece to get the depth I needed before starting to sculpt in the bears face structure. 

As always thanks for checking out my work and your support! 


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