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Chasing Antlers

Forged from a single piece of 3/16th mild steel plate. After piercing and filing the rough antler shape the grill went right into the pitch bowl. The bulk amount of chasing could only happen after the carving work was done. The carving gave me clearer high and low spots making it easier to create a stronger illusion of depth. After I spend 15-20 hours carving and chasing the piece finally had enough of a voice of it's own to consider mounting it to the helm.

The final patina was made from soaking the whole complete helm in 480 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours, once I had the color I wanted and while it was still very hot from the oven I added coat after coat of olive oil to protect the steel (just like seasoning a pan).

I plan to do more grill sculptures like this in the future as I think it is superior to modern welded grills in almost every way. A strong ascetic truly worth pursuing.

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