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Greek Bull Drinking Vessel Educational

During a workshop I taught in September I started a vessel inspired off of a silver bull head cup, it was a 10 day workshop and we covered a lot of techniques and projects. This was the first workshop where I made a piece for the sake of explaining/exploring a point (due to the time we had it was possible). Looking back I should have chosen an easier project as it was challenging enough with out having to make it live in front of an audience on top of teaching and doing other demo's. But it is plain as day I wouldn't have been able to tackle such an ambitious educational project like the bull cup with out the support of my friends and educators. Yesterday I finally made time to finish the cup. I'm still thinking on patina choices but the shaping is completed. There's always things I would go back and change, each project brings with it enough lessons that by the time I finish the piece I want to start over again. These moments are too easily looked at as discouraging but I celebrate the opportunity for these lessons as I'll carry them with me always. I'm still very happy with the cup!

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