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Octopus helm

This helm was started in the very end of 2014, to see the dome raised from a single piece of 3/16ths plate visit my earlier blog here:

The helm is complete and fuctional...having said that I'm now working on it's 3rd visor. It has the divers grill, the octopus grotesque, and a clean fluted Maximilian style visor.

The chasing on this helm was fairly involved, and the suction cups took...a minute...If you're going to do something, go all the way. At least the best you can.

I must have listened to the entire collection of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcasts twice over during this helms construction.

There should be an artistic documentary about this helm coming out in the next few months. I had a very talented camera man following me through the whole process. Things to look forward to! :)

The locking pin springs are made from tempered 4130 spring.


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