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"The Elephant"

photo credit: Michael Poole

photo credit: Michael Poole

"The Elephant"

This sculptural elephant portrait reflects homo-sapiens ability for identity appropriation and how environment builders don't always know how their actions impact the future.

This lovingly crafted Elephant was made completely with simple hand tools, standing at 71" inches tall and 64" inches wide hand hammered out of a single piece of 1/8inch plate steel. 31inch long tusks made of 18ga steel with 23k gold leaf. Oil patina.

Screenshot 2017-09-25 08.10.07.png

This was my residency project during the summer of 2017 at Buffalo Creek Art Center.

     I wanted to challenge myself with a scale I have never attempted before. So I decided to start a project I have been waiting to do for about a year now, a Elephant head out of 1/8th inch plate, hammered by hand. It really pushed me, I've never done something so difficult, and what I've learned I hope to share. During this journey I snapped shaping stakes in half, swung a sledge hammer for 4 weeks, ruined my calluses, experienced great friendship, met an amazing variety of exceptional artists, and accomplished something I wasn't sure if I could do or not. It was an exceptional program that I couldn't have done with out the support of my friends, my colleges, and my amazing wife Emerald. You all helped me grow stronger as a person, thank you. 

If you would like to inquire about "The Elephant" please contact me at

The following is a collection of photo's telling the 3 month journey to completion. I apologize that there is no description but I've set it up to use as a slide show for lectures or demonstrations, so if you catch me in person and are curious about hearing how it was made just ask and we can go through it together.

If you would like to learn more about Buffalo Creek Art Center check out their website:

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