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A Menpo

This is a work in progress, will take another day or 2 to really flush out. I've only just made the patterns and started the roughest shaping. I do this to give my hammers some guideline when I start forging from the outside and all the sharpie disappears.

UPDATED: 4/18/2013

Got the forge running to shape all the major facial features in this mask. Ready to clean it up, hammer out some of the uneven spots THEN ITS READY FOR THE PITCH. Where the majority of detail and finishing work will be done. The picture of the menpo in the forge is it annealing so the metal will be softer and won't crack when I start to work in the pitch. This 12ga plate should hold up for many years once finished if all goes to plan :)

UPDATED 4/19/13

Set the menpo in the pitch bowl, and clocked 4 more hours into the face. Mainly flaring the nostrils, defining the cheekbones, and putting in the upper teeth. Just going to keep chipping away at it, with luck I'll have this finished by tonight.

Updated photos 4/20/2013

About to put in the pierce relief!!

Updated 4/22/2013

Pierce relief finished! Ready for install!

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