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ABN Smith's Helm

UPDATED 4/27/2013: The Face is now finished. The 30 minutes I needed to put in today to finish this piece turned into a 4 hour race to chase every detail I could think of needing to chase. I did a much better job composing the face this time, especially with the beard hair. I learned a lot from this second try, looking forward to a 3rd not too far down the road. 

UPDATE: 4/22/2013

All that's left is the pierce relief, but I'm going to give my hands a break for a day or two, despite swinging hammers for 7 years I managed to hit my thumb knuckle a bizzillion times...all in all a good Saturday. 


UPDATED 4/26/2013:

Making progress on the beard, adding some detail to this 2.0 version that wasn't in my helm. Down to the last curl, hands are tired but happy.

UPDATED 4/25/2013:

Soul Patch=Done

Updated 4/24/2013:

Took the face out of the pitch to even out some shapes, sunk it back in and got the nose and mustache to a place I like it. worked on the lips, soul patch and can see in the pictures it finally is looking like what it's suppose to. Definitively going to be more composed than my helm. CHECK THE PICS

UPDATED 4/23/2013:

Trying not to hit my fingers now as I'm starting the beard. I have most of the rough shaping finished and beginning to chase the hair layers now. This face is more work than I remember :) But it's moving along much faster because I did this face style not to long ago. I'm going with the 3 layered beard hair pattern instead of just the 2 this time. At the rate things are moving, I've got 8 hours until this"ll be finished I think.

This is the start of a helm much like my own. The face had it's rough shape put in today and then was annealed. READY FOR THE PITCH! :) I will sink this face into the pitch first thing in the morning and should be finished before work!

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