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So many projects...

So Shishio's helm is structural now, I'm finishing up the Shikoro today/tomorrow. There are SOOOOO many holes to drill, I've got 56 down, 196 holes to go. The last set of shikoro I made I rolled the top edge and the bottom edge toward the inside, this time I rolled just the bottom edge toward the outside. Both sets were made out of 16 ga. So in a few years I can go back and see which method stands up to the abuse, and if the outside edge roll does just as well as the inside rolled set then I'll know whether or not I wasted my time...


I've also been playing with a millinese gauntlet pattern that I'm finally starting to be happy with. I've made at least 6 different kinds of gauntlets and fought with a few other designs in the field and was never satisfied with the way they fit, moved, and the way they were padded/strapped. In the end I just hated gauntlets and thought they were bogus. So after making a rough draft of this millinese gauntlet in aluminium I'm totally hopeful I've finally found something to get me out of the beater gloves I've got now!!! Pictures and progress for these meat hooks soon.


I've been playing in some 18ga. copper trying to teach myself how to make more realistic hair. Picked out a marble statue of Zeus I really liked and started hammering away. This Homework assignment should be finished up in a little bit. Just juggling more than enough projects right now so this is all I've got so far. 8 or so hours put in at this point, and I've had to make a bunch of new tools/smaller tools for this. Like I even picked up one of those jeweler masks to help magnify what I'm looking at.