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For a while now I've been collecting some captures of past clients using the items I made them. This post is a celebration of these people chasing their dreams. It is my continued pleasure to be a part of their story.

On this beautiful blue planet there are some exceptionally generous, encouraging, down right good people. It has been my extreme good fortune to be supported by and befriend quite a few of these individuals. I'd like to take a moment and offer my thanks for your continued support, please accept my humble gratitude, with out you I would have nothing but these hands. You make my work possible. With a glass raised I celebrate your kindness and your vision, thank you for your drive and heart. May you find joy and adventure in your every step.
Warmest regards,
Douglas Pryor

P.s.-  One of my favorite things is to see people using the things I make! Alas, I only have so many of these photo's, so you want to share your adventures with me send some photo's! To this address! :


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