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New Steel Chasing Workshop!

It's that time of year again! This time our workshop projects pay homage to Negroli and various helm decorations and parade armour through history. I designed this lesson plan to directly complement the Face Sculpture Workshop Hessen Iron Works and I put on last year, but if you missed last year fear not! This class stands strongly on it's own and has no per-requisite! Perfect for any metal worker looking to step up their game. 

Workshop Summary:

So Join us at Hesson Iron Works for an adventurous four day long critical examination of repousse and chasing in steels from gauges 18-12. Our study will consist of a few projects ranging in difficulty of design and technique. This class will focus on all the good stuff: control, consistency, pitch management, hammer technique, chisel design, how decorative designs can effect the integrity of armour and how to plan around them. Our subject this time will be on human hair and how past master armourers and artisans have chosen to represent hair in their work. Human hair can be quite difficult, it can range from the simple shallow curl to complex woven locket with deep undercuts. I've really been looking forward to this class and cannot wait to spend some one on one time sharing it with you!


- 16 chasing chisels
- 2 hammer sizes
- 8 inch diameter pitch bowl with medium pitch

All tooling and pitch will be provided! All the chisels are forged by Steve off a master copy of my own tools I made just for this event. And of course if you have that special hammer or chisel that only you know the secret handshake to you're of course welcome to bring them!

Dates, Times, and Sign ups:

Class starts on a Friday afternoon at 1 pm on March 11th to Sunday at 5pm on March the 13th. All projects are designed to be easily completed in this amount of time. The advanced project is ambitious! hahaha but very doable! We're going to start early! So bring your game face! I'll have coffee and sugar waiting for those in need!

Hours: We'll be tapping away from 8:30am- 5:00pm. We break mid day for lunch! Armies run off their stomachs after all!

Price: $400 for the 2 1/2 days, deposits can be accepted by Steve at We work with all budgets so let us know your needs.

Location: Hessen Iron Works, 3230 S Dodge Blvd, Unit #6, Tucson, AZ 85713   There's lots of parking and great local food! 

Want to know more? Shoot us an email!

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